Donald Trump Tries To Woo Catholics

From the Catholic News Agency: “Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump wrote a letter to Catholic leaders during a two-day conference in Denver this week, identifying himself as pro-life and vowing to support core values such as religious liberty and school choice.” Of course, not all Catholics are believing Trump. “The GOP candidate has met a … [Read more…]

For the Vatican it’s Clear – Pro-Abortion Politicians ‘Must’ be Denied Communion

From By John-Henry Westen November 27, 2009 – With the Patrick Kennedy Communion flap and the recent action of the Bishops of Spain having opened up the issue of denying communion to pro-abortion politicians, it is worthwhile to review the position of the Vatican on the matter.Since the controversy came to a head in … [Read more…]

“Renaissance Priest”

An Oklahoma priest made the news today. Now, many of you may be cringing…it seems that whenever a priest is in the news lately it involves SCANDAL. But Doug Warner of Oklahoma City’s News Channel 9 KWTV found a “Renaissance Priest”, Fr. Shane Tharp, currently the rector of the National Shrine of the Infant Jesus … [Read more…]